Red Fury (with Clint Breeze)

by Devin Dabney (HHLH)

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released February 14, 2015



all rights reserved


Devin Dabney (HHLH) Indianapolis, Indiana

the best rapper alive. period.

Indianapolis, IN

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Track Name: Sunday

Angels will fly.
Track Name: Monday
Her ass was stout - like my beer is,
any women in it contending wouldn’t get near this...
she on another level, and her peers gets
jealous - weapon of mass seduction, the bitches fear this
she make you wanna bite in, faces gritting,
give it to the tight end, Jason Witten,
even when she right there, I’m feeling like she’s creeping,
inspired me to write this while she steady sleeping…

Argumentative trends…make amends,
she repeatedly tell me they just friends…
it always begins with beginnings,
and ends with an ending of losing battles of winning,
And we all know where nice guys finish:
somewhere between a cold, dark demise, gone, diminished,
and a feeling of failure to bathe in, unsafe haven -
so used to cold shoulders my whole life, co-dependent
on the ice storm…could’ve sworn I was born Finnish,
we always keep the lights on - can’t get lost in it,
I swear her love for me is gone - she won’t admit it,
but I’m feeling like a pawn in this lost cause for women, but,

A young eccedentesiast with gold teeth,
I be feeling like Theseus, with cold feet,
but if I’m not slaying minotaur, what the fuck
I’m in it for? I’m fucking with Miss Independent, so
I guess I should’ve paused on the ‘independent’ clause
should’ve known the bitch could bite - the cat had claws,
feeling like Les Miserables, I’m so appalled
all the gall, I would never take broads from y’all,
just to keep myself on par with these niggas in the clutch
cause I be raising the bar - jumping niggas, double dutch…
so if you see my star shining heavy in them cuts,
you admire from afar, but you better not touch…
you bitches nowadays ain't doing much,
yeah, I was feeling you, but now I'm losing touch...

Keep your hands off of that girl;
she don’t belong to you.
Track Name: Tuesday
why you do these things that make me crazy?
Talking to these niggas, acting shady,
lately I feel like you trying to play me…you must really hate me? But maybe
you really are just friends, and you just talk, but then I saw
those texts you always send, saying you enjoy the time
together you two spend, how you can always depend on him, but
still you hold my hand - the beginning of the end,

Then why did we have those problems?
And damn you for never trying to solve them,
So we fight, all day and night,
This just don’t seem right, can’t sleep at night, so why can’t we just
figure all this out, because I don’t know what it is that
you’re so mad about, starting all these arguments
and then we start to shout, and those tears start rolling down
it’s like your love is pouring out, but from dark clouds, beautiful rain is coming down…

I tried to tell you girl, but you don’t understand,
baby, I am just a man, and I know what the others have planned, girl you
telling me he’s just your homey; that nigga not your friend, he’s lonely,
always all upon you, and, he’s gonna force my hand, goddamn
he always come around when he thinks that you’re alone,
always calls you on the phone at damn near 2:00 in the morn, he wants you,
you’ll see, he’ll show it,
trust me, I know that
look in his eyes, girl you just a prize
to be won to him, but you the one to me,
I done gave you everything that you wanted from me,
made sure this was everything you want it to be,
you claim the jealousy’s unwarranted, the haunting not real,
then why it always feeling like you be running from me?
You don’t seem too involved much at all when I call,
sounding like you barely even wanted to speak,
like another nigga with you, and you out on the creep,
hang up, then get back to getting it on like a freak - damn

She always doing shit with the A-Team…
niggas wanna get licks like praline…
she still plays hits in her daydreams -
vision getting clearer with a spritz of the saline,
where I been at? Home where my friends be,
where you been at? Rollin’ with my enemies,
niggas on the prowl, but I gotta pretend to be
fine with the scheming and this woman naivety,
this shit keeps fucking with my mental, and
you always follwed by a dog from the kennel, man…(he’s not a dog!)
then why that nigga all in your dental, then?
stop lying, girl - you don’t want a gentleman…
cause you already got one,
but you treat me like I’m not one,
like you don’t already know how this love thing go,
I guess I’m trying to say I want out, love…
Track Name: Wednesday
There’s a picture in that heart-shaped frame
in my body, where my shortie’s greatest thoughts take place,
a film full of feelings, a reel full of realness,
and memories recounted as I talk centerstage,
I got this music box - on the shelf it sits,
a soundtrack for my descent into this helplessness,
maybe I could’ve shown a little more selflessness
maybe if I would’ve, if you weren’t such a selfish bitch, but now…

Every single time, I get mad, (damn right - why?)
thinking bout the times we had, (okay)
we took it slow, let our love grow,
why’d you go and fuck it all up? You know,
if you gonna act like a hoe,
(well, then, bitch) I would rather be alone, (yup)
flying solo, fuck it - YOLO,
I’ll spend Valentine’s Day alone,


Valentine’s Day’s around the corner, so NOW you wanna
reconcile our differences? Superficial images
govern all your decisions and ambivalence; your fickleness
is limitless - meticulous with dissonance - you are the
antithesis of innocence, but you pretend to be…
that’s ridiculous - after the shit you did to ME?
If I had a camera whenever you’d visit me,
I’d have the makings of a reality show on MTV,
here’s the footage - all you gotta do is score it,
she say she wanting love, I want something more important,
cause love in this century can be bought in a magazine,
a church pew, a rom-com or a jar full of vaseline,
got the nerve to be asking me if I’m honest; honestly,
in this economy, you can’t be a couple and have autonomy
cause niggas getting thirsty, their bitches be getting mad,
and bitches always concerned about what other bitches have,
look babe, the ego’s not my stylo, if you wanted a
hero, that certainly ain’t me, yo - a societal
zero…I ain’t perfect, but I’m worth it,
but the things that you value are worthless…bitch.

Did you know that I,
remember the first time I kissed your lips, hands on your hips,
I thought you were so fine, couldn’t get you off my mind,
and now I miss when you would listen to me - try to find,
The perfect way to describe, how I felt for you inside,
I reminisce of heaven’s bliss when you were by my side,
when you were by my side,
still reminiscing of us kissing for the first time…

We were so in love, but now it’s over,
and I thought you were the one, but now it’s over,
I don’t know what I must do to get over you,
I guess this isn’t what I thought it was…there’s no love, no love, no love.

Track Name: Thursday
A victim of Cupid’s scorn, ever since you been gone
I’ve had recurring dreams every night about the dudes you bone,
I know that by my side is where you belong,
who was wrong? It doesn’t matter, I refuse to go on,
any longer without you…I don’t doubt you
are doing better than ever, whether or not I out you,
I’m the one that’s stuck…how do I get out? Do I
admit my wrongs - grab foot, and insert into mouth? Ugh,
Admittedly, don’t really believe it’s me
who should apologize, all those guys that you had at your feet,
tending to every need that I did not ever see,
you see, you seek attention from everybody but me,
either through animosity, or possibly consciously
living out subconscious, perceive that’s it all a part of the glee,
claiming I was too harsh, and nobody got you but me
despite all of their attempts, I should try to find me some peace?
How could you fault me for feeling like I was lost in a million
decisions, locked in a building that’s getting hotter, the sealing
is peeling off of the ceiling, I’m keeling over, revealing
some real exposure, appealing for healing over my spirit…
Now I diss you only because I miss you,
wishing that I could kiss you, that that wasn’t an issue,
that we were still official, that I didn’t dismiss you,
don’t know what I was thinking, knowing I can’t resist you,
feeling so artificial, that cutting through all the sinew
shows a hollow body that’s cold, a living igloo that
froze and got nobody that’s close and beneficial, and
so I embody the woes wrote in this scripture
now my windows are tinted, I’m sprinting from what’s beginning,
you know that you bad as fuck - you so bad, it made me demented,
I’m sitting back in the storeroom, admitting that in this courtroom
of sinning, I am complaining, I’m judging and I’m defending,
cycle is never-ending, Bible holds no repentance,
vital organs submitting - died in orbit mid-mission
trying, hoping and fishing, fighting off a remission,
dying hope was admission, tiding over attrition…

On and off, she would text me again,
but I knew she ain't really want to talk to me…
she was gone off with an even better man,
and I know now that she ain't ever really wanted me…
Track Name: Friday
Ex-girlfriends on my mind - they really fucked me up,
doing shots of whiskey till my friends tell me 'that's enough,’
then do a couple more before I stumble to the door cause
I ain’t trying to be childish - I'm spitting the wildest
fantasies in tandem, G - I'm on autopilot
on Hennessy and enemies; drunken, so I dial in to
empty the epitome of hell into my live stream
that mentally got mental ink spilling out my stylist,
they handed me an answer, “we can't repair your life
or make it right, but it ain't no reason for you to be in the club, wildin,”
rolling like a pair of dice, reaching for a smile, then
show a bitch to paradise, leave her on the island...
an evil entity has entered me, compiling
my energy to centerpiece, adding on the mileage
to my flesh and bone, eating flesh until my flesh is gone;
I'm mentally deranged, are you bitches catching on?

[Pour it up, pour it out, turn it up, turn it out,
show up, then we show out, show up then we show out] (x2)
(The Weeknd sample for 4 bars)

Feeling an X-Man mutant with some x, man
turned up in the club, looking for the one that’s next, man
fuck my fucking ex, man - AND her fucking next man,
whoever she can manage envelop in her next scam,
I gave her the axe, man, like a firefighter on
a killing spree - supplier of the villainy and fire bombs
I’m writing, y’all - entire arms coated with that type of bond
to make the bitches flock to me - damn near gotta fight them off
excite them all, still, I am the meanest of genius
so when I say “fuck you, bitch,” I really mean it,
you think that I need you, that you gonna have me fiending,
until you see me with an even badder bitch, beaming,
I’m all about that EDM - so you know she dip low (Diplo)
a nympho, I’m Olmec, all in her hidden temple,
I wanted to make you mine, show you to my kinfolk,
but you’re so fucking complicated, I’ll just keep it simple:


Drunk on blue and white like I got team spirit,
vodka on my breath, smelling like teen spirits
intoxicated feeling, I guess it would appear this
is near-death inebriation - I’ll be a realist,
I was born an idealist, but when I look in the mirror,
I’m feeling as if nothing behind’s the mask, Darth Nihilus,
hoping to rebuild this (rebuild this), all I want to fill this
hole in my heart…truth be told, I don’t know where to start...
I tend to let my anger get the best of me -
a recipe for leprosy of a spirit on ecstasy,
especially, since it was destiny to be presently
arguing with her testily, ceasing sayings of pleasantries,
secondly, my jealousy can’t be seen as a felony...
cause my bae stays wet like Chesapeake
with a mind so heavenly, I’d never get her next to me,
in my mind’s eye, I wasn’t fitting the pedigree
dreadfully lacking equity - a peasant, see…
cause I was raised on the street and buns, both no sesame,
I may be fine medically, but I’m feeling dead mentally,
lost in the revelry, I’m in need of some empathy,
I want her to be into me the way that I be into her,
want her to be feeling me whenever I be feeling her,
I thought this what I wanted…to be alone,
but I all I want now is for me and her to be at home.

[Pour it up, pour it out, turn it up, turn it out,
show up, then we show out, show up then we show out] (x2)
Track Name: Saturday
(Intro/Outro Hook)
(Oh-ohh-ohh, oh-ohh-ohh) (x4)

since my girl reached me, my life released me,
not to be preachy, but all is peachy,
since she besieged me, hate when she leaves me,
but love to watch her go…

Nice guys do finish last,
but my girl finish first, riding in the sunburst
reverse, negativity up in the hearse -
all the hopelessness I had before now disperse,
tell it like it is…for what it’s worth,
a penny for your thoughts, but my wife priceless,
and her mind one-of-a-kind, fine in a nice dress,
feeling high off of life, am I gonna wife? Yes,
this is my guess; moving with a plan
like a boss - ain’t nothing to it but to floss,
2 half-people never make one,
but one plus one another is a lot more fun, cause

I would’ve waited my whole life
for a chance to get back together,
but now I got you by my side,
and I just hope this lasts forever.
I’m gonna roll with you all night,
and keep blasting bass and treble,
whenever I go outside (hey!) I thank God (hey!)
I found my (hey!) Valentine…

Jealousy’s a weapon, it pierces and grinds,
a fallacy’s embedded, your fear’s in your minds,
so if it’s getting hot, gotta see the hell through,
don’t love yourself - can’t expect nobody else to,
so if you’re like me, your romance got gone,
and the girl of your dreams walking out, and you alone,
take the time to soul search ‘fore you put it in the dirt, then
find it in your heart to go and bring her back home…

(Intro/Outro Hook) (x2)
Oh yeah, hold your lady way up in the air,
if you don’t care…(x4)

Track Name: (Next) Sunday
Tell the bartender I want a Hennessy and Sprite,
what you mean, “they all out?”
and I done came all this way with my girl here tonight?
a nigga finna ball out,
cause I’m a chief like Halo, cutthroat classics
and I’m chilling with an angel, fuck your bad bitch,
every time we come together, dog, it look like magic
but it didn’t happen overnight - the shit took practice
honestly, I always loved white girls,
it’s ugly being racist, I need a facelift,
since these hoes was so basic,
I had to take it back to basics,
head bobbing to the music, hope God forgave us,
even Kanye once said “only Jesus could save us,”
swagger coming back, never gonna replace this,
I be snapping on the track, you don’t wanna replay this,

playing the stradivarius with Ana Kasparian,
reporting live from the underground where they buried us,
they ain’t love me when I was single, but now these hoes
wanna catch a train like Thomas or Demaryius,
I can think of various reasons for all the arrogance,
one is sitting next to me, living it vicarious-ly,
now that she’s here, I’m free,
told her we can be together, but I’m still doing me…

now we sitting reminiscing,
on the days that were simpler, the things we remembered,
what we did and how we miss it ,
who’d have thought that everything would come together like this did?
Back then, I would listen, always
had dreams of being big, as a rapper, that was it
but now, everybody a musician…
shit, even Ray Rice had a hit,

but I ain’t come all this way for nothing,
started from the bottom, never wanted to front, man,
I just wanted to sit with the cool kids at lunch, man
now I’ve transformed into hip-hop’s frontman,
but still, everybody stay dissing,
tall grass, and I hear them snakes hissing,
but I’m destined for another planet, goddamn it,
and I’ll be damned if I abort mission…so

If you a real nigga, put your hands up high,
hands up high, hands up high,
If you a real chick then put your hands up high,
hands up high, hands up high,
niggas steady hating, and I don’t know why,
don’t know why, don’t know why,
bitches steady faking, and I don’t have time,
I don’t have time, don’t have time…

[(Cause it’s a bittersweet symphony, this life.)
Better get yours, cause I’m gonna get mine,
better stay the course before you run out of time…] (x2)