by Devin Dabney (HHLH)

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The first rock climbing-themed mixtape from Devin Dabney (HHLH), which borrows beats from a myriad of artists to tell the compelling tale of an average man in love with a not-so-average sport.


released September 25, 2016

Album artwork by Devin Dabney.

All lyrics [unless otherwise noted in credits] are written and recorded by Devin Dabney.

“#disclaimer #justlistentoit #hhclimbingteam” contains elements from “Pound Cake" by Drake & “Jeopardy” by Run the Jewels.
“Climber Motivation 101” contains music, lyrics & elements from "My Hood" by Young Jeezy.
“good crimps, m.A.A.d. techy” contains music, lyrics & elements from “m.A.A.d. city" by Kendrick Lamar
“Crag Queen” contains music, lyrics, & elements from “Trap Queen" by Fetty Wap.
“Red River Gorgeous” contains lyrics, music & elements from "You Know How We Do It" by Ice Cube.
“Dirt Off Your Boulders” contains music & elements from “Dirt Off Your Shoulder" by Jay-Z.
“My Favorite Route” contains lyrics, music & elements from “Favorite Song" by Chance the Rapper (feat. Childish Gambino).
“The Donut Climbers” contains music & elements from "2 Phones" by Kevin Gates.
“Comp Style” contains lyrics, music & elements from "Pop Style" by Drake.
“WTF is Tom Ford” contains music & elements from “Tom Ford" by Jay-Z.
“Pumpman” contains lyrics, music & elements from "Jumpman" by Drake & Future.
“Paranoid” contains lyrics, music & elements from "Paranoid" by Ty Dolla $ign (feat. B.o.B).
“The Chains” contains lyrics, music & elements from "Started from the Bottom" by Drake.
“Crystal City Bling” contains lyrics, music & elements from "Hotline Bling" by Drake.
“TCR Freestyle” contains music from “I’m Beamin'" by Lupe Fiasco.




Devin Dabney (HHLH) Indianapolis, Indiana

the best rapper alive. period.

Indianapolis, IN


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Track Name: Climber Motivation 101
Every time I do it, I do it for my hood and
every time I do it, I do it for your hood and
every time I do it, I do it for they hood…
it’s understood, I do it for the hood,
back to the gym where I do it for my hood, and
mat to the floor where I do it for your hood, but
black people say I don’t do it for the hood,
misunderstood, I do it for the hood…

The streets hate Deezy, I love them, though,
and if they ever change their mind, I’ll spit them a flow,
it’s all love, still tipping when I swerve,
and kick some real shit these other niggas never heard -
take you back when I was 19, with some Mad Rocks,
strapped them bitches on over some black socks,
…they used to call me Black Panther,
“Soldiers of the Wasteland” steady was my anthem,
and everybody in the wall knew I stayed a setter,
busting from January to the end of December,
wasn’t smoking purple then, it was more like 2012,
when I hit up Horse Pens, back when it was hot as hell,
(98 degrees, nigga!) you know how 40 goes,
climb 6 at the gym, get shut down on a 4,
even when on the road, my homies stay in touch,
why the fuck you think I love them so much??


Driving down to ‘Bama, bumping Eminem,
with some pretzel M&M’s, now we stopping at a Marathon,
Ford Escape pull up, everybody run,
my homeboy jumped out, bought some chewing gum,
the flavor was grape, said he bought me a pack - hey,
hope you didn’t do it just cause I’m black,
real recognize real, I suppose…
I guess that’s why the climbers be at all my shows,
since the job, a lot changed, and it shows,
but you still catch me messing with them bunnies in the snow (with my white chicks)
…like the Wayans brothers,
same answer every time, always get me in trouble,
so yeah, niggas stay talking, and they all gonna hate,
claim I sold out, I’m white, and claim I might be gay, (I’m not)
but one thing they’ll never be able to say,
is that I didn’t rep these streets every single day…(hey!)


Ford Escape pull up, everybody run,
my homeboy jumped out, bought some chewing gum,
flavor was grape, said he bought me a pack - hey,
hope you didn’t do it just cause I’m black.
Track Name: good crimps, m.A.A.d. techy
If high ropes and cliffs all got along,
I’d probably send the route by the end of the song,
seem like the whole city go against me,
every time I'm in the gym, I hear (TSAA! TSAA! TSAA! TSAA!)

Man down, what you send, nigga?
Fuck what you climb, what you send, my nigga?
where your project at - huh, my nigga?
This is mad techy - better run, my nigga

Brace yourself - I’ll take you on a trip down memory lane,
this is powdered chalk - no, I don't slang no crack nor move cocaine,
this is bolts and taps and plenty boulder mats and major pain,
not the drill sergeant, but the stress that's weighing when you hang,
it was me, Brody, and Hayden watching members project “No Flex,”
it got ugly, waving those hands in the air cause they was stumped,
top rope warriors and Conans, hope euphoria can slow dance
with this high clip, if you’re tired, you’re the first one to get pumped,
seen a white-skinned nigga with his knee blown out,
at the same boulder cave where (bleep) set routes,
now this is not a tape recorder saying that he did it,
but ever since that day, I was looking at him different,
that was back when I would rhyme, started climbing 9s at OP
I was working there part-time, we adapt to crime,
freshman climbing four days at a time, with the sliding slopes, fucked us up,
fuck you hanging for if you ain’t chalking up, you fucking punk?
shaking off the fucking pump, picking out some holds
that suck a dick so I can sucker-punch these gumbies talking sucker stuff,
great holds, tape rolls, “ay, bro - duck,”
that's what Lane said when he was setting up that crux -
aw, man, goddamn, all hell broke loose,
you sent my project back at LRC; fuck your truce,
now I’ll go ahead, and get loose, loosen up the approach shoes,
eat up some tuna for protein, cause I’m in need of a boost,
quick draws on top of quick draws, thick knots on top of thick knots
obviously, I’ve got some water at the crag, because it’s hot,
when you hop on that line, make sure your knots are correct,
make sure you’re doubled, or they’ll be calling your mother collect,
the coalition collects, all your donations ninvest
into the largest collective climbing group in the midwest,
don’t feel the best, I suggest you rest before you end up depressed,
go buy an Armaid and make sure Scott is on speed dial, I guess - m.A.A.d. techy

(Chorus & Intro)
Track Name: Crag Queen
(The Force, 5.13a…hey,)

I'm like "Hey, what's up? Hello,"
Seen your pretty ass soon as you pulled up to the Gorge,
I just wanna chill, got some beer that's super cold,
married to the bouldering, I took her where I go,
showed her how to crimp, and now she warm up on V4,
she my crag queen, let her drive back from the Lode,
had the camp site on lock before we hit the road,
got the tents set up, and she even packed a bowl,
now she got a fire going, cooking on the stove,
man, I swear I love the way she hits a mantle,
we just set a goal, repeat on Ro Shampo,
one-hung it the on-sight, almost got the flash, though,
in love with the Red, and I ain't never letting go,

And I get high with my baby,
I be putting burns on a V9 with my baby, yeah,
and I get high with my baby,
I be putting up all of the lines with my baby, yeah
and I can ride with my baby,
I be on that 7-hour drive with my baby, yeah,
and I get high with my baby,
I be putting up all of the lines with my baby, yeah

I hit the strip with my crag queen, cause all we know is sends,
I just might snatch up a 12b, and buy my boo some pants
I might just snatch her up some Chacos, and tacos - got the bravado,
let her don my leather jacket from overseas in Morocco,
Johnny Bravo with brown skin, all the way from Naptown, man
Brody show me the E-Vape, tasting like cheesecake
rock ambassador - cheese, cake, bread and lettuce my fetish, so let us,
get us some credit, so these competitors check it, I’m yelling


Black Tarzan off of Mars, equipped
to close guard the cliff with more bars than Clif,
you should probably know something - don’t try to face me,
cause y’all motherfuckers worse than diabase feet, and y’all
were raised around crimps and jugs and slopers,
two finger-pockets and pinches, custom holds, but
I come from a land of pimps and, drugs and hoarders,
corn stalks, porn stars and Trump supporters,
the Sipahimalani twins took me under their wing,
let me chuff alongside while they was doing their thing,
got me a job at OP, then a job at HH,
now I’m hanging at VE, Divisionals for Great Lakes,
and they tell me, “man, nobody can fuck with you,”
I turned my inner circle to a winner circle with just one W
all I need to complete the shape is a rock climbing queen to take
on my trips to the 40, New, Red, HCR and TBA,

(She my trap queen)
Yeah, you hear ya boy…
(She my trap queen)
Soundin' like a brand-new deck of Uno cards on the track…
(She my trap queen)
I got whatever on it - whatever
(And I get high with my baby)

Put your money where your routes is,
plastic on the wood make the routes so good,
screws out of sight don’t cause fights,
send or pretend, huh??
D the G, Anti-Hero Music! Crag Queen!
Track Name: Red River Gorgeous
fool…you know how we do it,

(Chorus Break)
South side, headed to the south side…

70 degrees, and it’s sunny with a part cloud,
headed straight down south,
just like me on a mighty fine ivory,
flip a switch on my heated seat, you don’t wanna see my Jeep
gas mileage is crazy,
trip to the Red cost us bout 8 apiece!
Why pay a lease? I got a place to sleep,
and it’s on an Odyssey like it was made in Greece
and that ain’t halting, we stay balling,
send trains on steep jug hauls, and
a girl that’s Red River Gorgeous,
chest so big, had to be Notorious - dog,
on some real-ass shit,
I ain’t been on jugs like this since “Air Ride Equipped,”
but it got closed down, dog - I thought you knew it,
you know how we do it…

(Chorus Break)
South side, headed to the south side…

Chilling with the homies, getting a meal,
Jeep is parked, and I’m talking to Neal about
who got a plan, and who got game,
and who clip chains, and who’s just lame,
cause everybody knows that he got the data
Cell Block Six, Brody showed me the beta
of a couple other sends, I’m thinking bout trying
with a couple other friends, it really all depends,
my self-confidence sure needed a boost
shoes untied, chalk bag is loose,
gotta do it for the women,
that stay sending and independent, winning,
9850 Mayflower Drive is where
I keep the bee’s buzzing around my hive, but
you gets no honey and I thought you knew it,
fool - you know how we do it…

(Chorus Break) [x2]

Headed to the Arch, that’s where I’ll be
Dy-no-mite, that was my first lead,
but I heard there’s a pretty cool 11b,
and 11c that’s built perfect for me,
but my boy is on a 14 in the Gold Coast,
so I gotta climb fast, cause I gotta get ghost,
feeling like a runaway - sunshine,
climbing slab on my sunny days, climbing overhang
on a rainy day, gotta keep mashing,
my first day outside, I ended up on Tacit,
flashing is hard, and I thought you knew it…
you know how we do it.
Track Name: Dirt Off Your Boulders
If you finna hit that crimp, nigga go on, brush them boulders off,
ladies can crimp, too - go on, brush them boulders off,
niggas is lazy, baby - don’t forget your boy told you
get that dirt off your boulders,

Black skin, chalked hands - what you expect?
I’m stepping out the 317 and I’m repping correct,
hiking to the latest wall I’ve adorned a warm-up
listening to Bon Iver, Avenged 7 and Tech,
I probably owe it Joe saying he got on “The Force,”
now I’m hustling game to keep me stuck to the course,
climbing with no remorse even though my hands is coarse,
middle finger to my job - I’ma chill at the Gorge,
but I love it, though, wake up bright and early for some trouble, so
a coffee with a shot of espresso - make it double, yo,
it’s 6 in the morning, yeah, I’m tired and yawning,
but before the sun shine, nigga, I’m on my grind, so

If you finna hit that crimp, nigga go on, brush them boulders off,
ladies can crimp, too - go on, brush them boulders off,
niggas is lazy, baby - don’t forget your boy told you
get that dirt off your boulders,

You gotta get that dirt off your boulders (x4)

Stay in the lab with that friction, in the kitchen, I’m live,
I just sent me a 4, trying to get me a five,
trying to stretch it to seven - one day, I’ll get to eleven,
when I’m not nursing an injury, man, your boy is a weapon, but,
I’m 58 moves in now, to this problem,
and my knees and face bruised, so now, the sun’s grilling me,
my pinky’s A2’s worn out, now I’m feeling it,
till 58 brews come out, now I’m chilling
like a boss at Miguel’s, bad bitches and Ski,
Black Diamond on my lamp and Hoosier Heights on the sleeve,
pro-deal get them cheaper climbing shoes, Sportiva,
Coleman stove with a grill, I’m a grown-up - for real!

(Chorus & Post-Chorus)

Your boy back in the building - Indy, we back on the map,
me and some beautiful bitches in the back with the rack,
I’m the realest nigga in it - I just like doing rap,
I ain’t climbing crack, no disrespect to the traddies
I drop that rack down and then I back out it
as the best setter alive, nigga - ask about me
from Indy to Nulu, B-Town to Muncie,
Cincinnati, Chicago and Chatty - they all want me,
know well around my way, for setting mock comps
in a day, a climbing young Lebron in his hey,
I’m a boulderer, shorty - chilling at HP40,
got some dirt on these boulders - could you brush them off for me??

(Chorus & Post-Chorus)
Track Name: My Favorite Route
Devin Dabney: snappy rapping, pad-dabbing nappy
captain wrapped in baggy khakis; scrappy but happy - catch me
slapping after crappy slopes, strapping on some Testa-ross
to atrophy my additive adipose - that’s how it goes…
physicalLY, I don’t look like I climb V THREE,
but swear to God, you put me on that wall, you niggas all gon’ SEE,
Double D, dab my KNEE, perfect send - perfect rePEAT,
breaking legs like I’m PG on that State Farm with CP3, look like
C3PO though when you see me in gold, never gon’
see me with hoes with skin that’s sepia tone, I like them
“Friction Labs” white with a hand-jam fitting crack -
Gorilla Grip that ass, going Bam-Bam with it, womp,
drop the mic - stop the hype; actually,
half your team got magazines about my rocks and ice,
so this discussion is a dead point, move onto that new Red joint,
that I found on Mountain Project, it’s bout to be my project, like

This shit my favorite route - you just don’t know the moves,
but I still fuck with you, so we can work it out,
it go like: undercling, high right cross, fight that swing,
all my niggas hit that pinch, but all my ladies hit that crimp,

[it’s my jam, it’s my jam, it’s my jam, it’s my jam,
I’m at the gym, I’m at the gym, I’m at the gym, I’m at the gym,] (x2)

Mr. Wack is back; niggas say I’m half a black
all because I don’t pack no crack, I would rather pack a pack
and backpack to the back of crags, ragtag, cracking gags,
dipping with them active lads, listening to rap and jazz…
that’s how I’m living, hit them with a pistol whip before I zone out
vicious with the quickness, see that cliff rift in the distance, and
I’m wishing I was sprinting to the finish - now I’m running,
I don’t mean this to be racist, but I’m feeling like a monkey, ahh!


Focus; rock-climbing Kobe meets Ginobli,
with a low-key bit of Loki; I’m SoILL, but I’m so clean,
you know my hat is so green, like gumbies with no Clokey,
hang dogging “Rat Stew” - belayers on a rope swing
you know your clique is so weak, you look like you need protein,
we rolling, and we roll deep, cause bigger trips are so cheap,
you niggas can’t provoke me, cause y’all don’t even know me,
unless you happen to be an OG from that BSU OP,
you been fiending, dreaming bout it, almost an obsession
you climb a mimic on the systems every single session
you ask the setters if they’d put it on a steeper section,
your partner say they ain’t gonna climb it cause the clipping sketchy
you brushed off all the holds, bolt-to-bolt on all the bolts,
passing on that 10, cause you gonna come back again,
in the fall when it’s kinda cold, sending temps are high -
it’s not your style, but worth your while, your favorite route - that shit is nice! AHH

Track Name: The Donut Climbers
I got 2…donuts,
one for right now and one for the road,
I got 2…donuts,
one for divisionals up in ISO,
think I need 2…more,
line bumping, I’m ring, ring, ringing,
count a dozen and they bring, bring, bring them,
car jumping, I’m ring, ring, ringing
I got 2…donuts,
one for right now and one for the road,
I got 2…donuts,
one for divisionals up in ISO,
think I need 2…more,
line bumping, I’m ring, ring, ringing,
count a dozen and they bring, bring, bring them,
car jumping, I’m ring, ring, ringing

Something that is foreign - oh my God, they’re gorgeous,
I just took a bite out of a brand-new donut
y’all ain’t never seen it - from the Northern Market
hanging in Columbus for a local comp and
so we all decided make a couple stops and
everything is different, just the way I want it,
donuts interrupting me while I’m recording, (actually interrupt the song)
donuts making women feel they unimportant,
making all my children feel like they important
Owen shouldn’t have them, even though he wants them
cause he’s about to climb and give his best performance…
they say it’s bad for health,
but they look good as hell…
I just got ‘em off the shelf.


They selling them for cheap - might as well be free,
cost $1.60 for a custom pastry -
only wanted two, ended up with three
couple cups of coffee in this,
thinking about how they did this,
y’all talking about nutrition, I don’t really listen,
last thing on my mind is fitness,
everybody is a witness
that I’m reviewing every business
that say they got the bomber pastries hot as sauna,
looking for the chocolate darker than Ugandans,
donuts always rich, never basic bitch,
love it when a company will take a chance,
now I’m at the gym, got them wondering,
who’s this nigga wearing Patagonia pants?


Ring-ring-ringing, man…
Find me balling hard, out at Bombobar,
taking business cards, flirt with servers hard,
playing with her body just like a guitar, but
steady tripping with the team - you know I brought them,
bunch of kids - they always act like I’m their father,
polarizing Polaroids with a mulatto,
colder, hotter like a donut and gelato…
maple bacon with the chocolate chips,
we don’t really get a lot of this,
I found the owner, gave a couple tips,
cause Indiana making no attempts,
to baking any pastry as legit,
delivering and catering it - shit,
maybe you could make it - take a trip,
daily special - hold up, what it is??

Track Name: Comp Style
Dropped out of school - now I rock climb,
got my parents talking like, “he not mine,”
all my niggas wanna set is comp style,
turning ABS into a lifestyle,

tell my mom I love her if I do not make it,
wilding out so much, they call me DeRay Davis,
and I like to set, but not with mono pockets,
man you boys just starting setting routes, you boys just started,
you don’t know what you just started,
all I do is hang with the starving artists,
I don’t fuck with lames that never try their hardest,
if it came to that, I’d rather be departed,
I don’t rope climb unless it’s for my job, man,
always boulder - rarely see me in a harness,
people stay complaining that I grade the hardest,
most of y’all that’s talking cannot climb a 5.8,
niggas do not understand how hot my bars is,
rappers gotta battle me with flame retardant,
I just set your fucking project,
you still work the other ones - you never got them,

they still out to get me - I don’t get it,
setting for the comp, and that’s a given,

Real nigga talking, real climber writing,
always been on team black like I’m wearing 5.10’s,
rarely take a girl on trips, my standards are heightening,
I don’t want her if she only boulder cause I like it,
the type to get ill, kick back a cypher and chill,
living life with appeal, just want a white girl that’s chill,
you the finest, for real - nothing but white in your grill,
come spend some time with your boy and I just might wife you for real,
don’t wanna fight over bills, don’t wanna live in a villa,
I got Maryland fam on them donuts like Dilla,
route setting and skrilla, I’m climbing routes by the Skrilla,
staying for a week with Jeremy, Elan and Yardena…

and they don’t know what you just started
I’m climbing with a girl that look like Margot Robbie,
but I can’t climb my fucking project,
I’m still trying to send it cause I never got it,

Dropped out of school - now we rock climb,
got our parents talking like - “they not mine,”
all my niggas wanna set is comp style,
turn the World Cup into a lifestyle…
Track Name: WTF is Tom Ford?
Clap for a nigga with his sending ass,
loan a stack to a nigga, with your lending ass…
clap for a nigga with his sending ass,
loan a stack to a nigga, with your lending ass…
rocking Black Diamond - what is Tom Ford?
Approach shoes on my feet - never Concords…
[what the fuck is Tom Ford?] (x2)

Climbing up…coming down,
keep me on a fireman’s till I ground,
home gym, Naptown,
keep it trill - you know we don’t fuck around,
cause it’s you know it’s bouldering season, I’m out there next weekend,
send V9 by spring time, I’m on track to reach it,
anybody gotta problem, better speak it, I ain’t gotta worry ‘bout a nigga peaking,
my data keep it 300 like I was Montana - I got a
Jumar with new grips, I can’t wait to use it,
man, that bitch stuck to my hip like I glued it -
we all got them dreams about clipping them chains,
only difference between us is my dreams are lucid,
y’all can keep juicing, I fucks with that pizza,
all of my crag queens stay slim cause they’re vegans
no Oliver Queen, cause my arrow’s not green,
she felt that in her spleen when I stuck her like Cupid…

Track Name: Pumpman
If young Parker don’t trust you, I’m gonna deck you…
Ramadan. Arbor Day. Arbor Day.

Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman - them boys up to something,
they just spent like two or three weeks out there cruxing,
them boys up to something - they just not just bluffing,
pour me up a shot - I get my cup like Janja - WHOO,
I just started crimping like my name was Sasha - WHOO,
I hit for that sloper with my left hand up like WHOO,
Prana and Sportiva for my babies that I MISS,
rental shoes and harness for them hoes that wanna DISS,
Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman - them boys up to something,
the minute that I get it, your girl got to gushing,
I’m about to hit it like I play percussion,
you searching for beta - I do not know nothing - WHOO
I see her freaking - she know something’s coming - WHOO,
jumpman, jumpman, jumpman - them boys up to something - WHOO,
Jumpman, pumpman, pumpman - fuck was you expecting - WHOO,
B-Town, Nulu, Andrew Gearing just had text me - WHOO,

Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman - pumpman, pumpman, pumpman,
I just seen the Jeep take off - they up to something,
them boys not just bluffing - they be out there crushing,
pumpman, pumpman, pumpman - them boys up to something…
Kids is trying to join the team - I tell them WAIT,
climbing all the time - they don’t go on DATES,
Nalle, Nalle, bumping Kanye, watching Friday,
I’ll go send the project on another DAY,
bouldering’s the hobby - that’s the way for ME,
Monday, going hard - I’m trying to send an 8,
I - I just climbed up in another STATE,
getting strong while other niggas fade aWAY…

Pumpman, pumpman - I don't need no introduction,
pumpman, pumpman - me and Pliley on production - wow,
working on that Karmic Power - it’s so crimpy - wow,
tell them five more minutes - one more burn, I’ll send it now,
Pumpman coaching in USAC, I’m flexing - WHOO
Pumpman, pumpman - they gave me my own protection, WHOO
Shake out when you pumped, girl - can you take direction - WHOO,
Mutumbo with the sponsors, you keep getting rejected, WHOO

Heard they came through Crystal City on a Monday,
heard they hanging out with Kai, talking bout some donuts,
a bunch of kids going wild, and they started crushing,
and they had them like “wow - Indiana’s stunting,”
Sending, sending, sending routes across the gym, and
climbing on the top-out, chalk all on the FLOOR,
I just caught that crimp like I was Sasha - WHOO,
WAY too much pinching and smacking SLOPES,

We just trying to get back swole,
I know I need that grip strength, ohhh
I count all these bread loaves I have on me now, I’ma have you like “woah,”
she wanted a 9, he wanted a 5, and I set them both…

Pumpman, pumpman, pumpman - them boys up to something,
they just spent like two or three weeks out there cruxing,
them boys out there crushing - they just not just bluffing,
pumpman, pumpman, pumpman - them boys up to something…
Track Name: Paranoid
I seen two of my bitches at the cup,
and I know they know about each other…
I think these bitches trying to set me up,
maybe I’m just paranoid.

I got a bad white bitch that do Xanax,
she be in a sports bra and spandex,
shorty used to be my main favorite,
but now we don’t like to climb the same shit,
I love my bitch - she can bang it,
but my dark-skinned girl know how to take crimps,
I got them both the same damn red harness,
and bought them both the same damn hammocks!

Both of my bitches drive Jeep Wranglers…
none of my bitches love these haters,
both of my bitches is strong as fuck…
your bitch couldn’t hang a draw for us…


Yeah, I’m paranoid, I’m tripping,
I’ve been sloping, and crimping,
I’m fucking around with two bitches,
but I’d never make them hoes my missus,

Women talk, you know how it be -
climb with a different girl every day out of the week,
tell my new girl she my old partner, my new partner
my old girl, and she used to be your girl,
she got a nice rack, not the quick draws,
when she come around, I’m climbing all the shit that’s hard,
middle of the twist lock, look down
like “this V6 is pretty soft,” ass looking like some
jello working, got a picture of her in my
cell phone twerking, other girl hit me on my
line, asking if I wanna climb, tell her I don’t have the
time, and to be honest, my elbow’s hurting,
dead…so I’ma take the day off,
I be working on my scheme - call it Madoff,
but I ain’t tripping, I got room for them all,
when I ball on the wall, got their memberships paid off…
if she wanna live life with the great one,
gotta be the kid’s wife, wanna project V8, but
got an ass with more jello than a bottle of Ale-8-1,
so find me in the gym, just as soon as that day comes.

(Post Chorus) [x2]

Track Name: The Chains
(Started from the bottom, now we here…
started from the bottom, now my whole team fucking here
Started from the bottom, now we here…
started from the bottom, now the whole team here, nigga) [x2]

I done kept it real from the jump,
couch surfing for some years, I was moving every month, nigga
I was trying to make it in the game,
but if you not lame, I would say it’s pretty hard to get the fame,
got my homey calling me like “where you at?”
“Gave you the location, told you meet me at the crag”…man,
I just think it’s funny how it goes,
the minute I was independent in it, now they hating me the most, cause I


Haters tell stories bout the man,
say that I don’t climb hard, never could, and never can, nigga
that ain’t really up for no debate, and neither is the
fact that I’m the greatest route setter in the state, nigga,
I just want my credit where it’s owed,
I’ma worry bout me, worry bout your V4, nigga
just as a reminder to us all, I keep every
single bad Yelp review posted on my wall, cause I

(1/2 of Chorus)

No real niggas - nigga, they don’t feel that,
fuck a fake climber - where the real ones at?
Story stay the same - I never changed it,
got up out the ghetto - boy, we made it,
No real niggas - nigga, they don’t feel that,
fuck a fake climber - where the real ones at?
got up out the ghetto - boy, we made it,
and no matter what became, be it money or it fame, still we

Track Name: Crystal City Bling
You used to call me on my…
you used to, you used to…

You used to call me on my cell phone,
late night when you need lines up,
pull out all the shelf holds,
late night when you need lines up,
and I know when that hotline bling, (Crystal City)
that can only mean one thing.
I know when that hotline bling, (yeah)
that they need a new 13.

ever since I left the city YOU…
opened Crystal City for yourself now,
everybody goes and I feel left out,
dog, you got me dying, you got me stressed out,
cause ever since I left the city YOU…
started resting less and going out more,
climbing at the Stable on a V4,
hanging off some jugs I never seen before,

(You used to ca-ca-call -) I’m
balling (yep), balling (yep), balling on a budget (yep),
sports cars & caviar is never the discussion -
too many repercussions…society is judging,
but at least I’m not a normal person: living like a puppet,
every day trudging, that shit is so bizarre -
at the bar, I’m about to hit it hard like a bludgeon,
so when your stocks plummet, I’ll be living like a star,
I’m so far removed from it when I’m on top of a summit,
you niggas on Yelp talking shit about me,
y’all just mad you need help to climb a V3, I know you
niggas cannot stand me now, I’m bout to up the ante now,
swagger in my hand-me-downs, spitting game to Angie Brown,
couple shandies, now I’m picking out a chianti - I ain’t
usually up for saving, but I’ll be her vigilante - wow…
uncanny love for that Rock Candy -
that’s my modus operandi now…


these days, all I do is
wonder if you giving up your passes to someone else,
wonder if you going back to Gretna with someone else,
going getting donuts in the district with someone else,
you don’t need no one else, you don’t need nobody else,
no - why we gotta go? Why we always touching road?
I used to always stay at home, be good - now I’m a rolling stone,
now, I just be myself, used to be someone else,


ever since I left the city -
Track Name: TCR Freestyle (Outro)
Ever since I was a
little kid - a literate, plastic-climbing degenerate
that's secretly a gentleman in his prime and considerate,
but maybe just a little bit out his mind and competitive
but only to you niggas that’s asinine and repetitive,
I started out chuffing on 5.8,
until I told myself that one day, I’m gonna be great,
bought me a pair of new Shamans and some screw-lock gates,
and hit the training board with chalk and some Tupac tapes,

doing runs on the V1’s, moves on the V2’s,
squeeze on the V3’s, I bruise, and then I cruise
attention to body tension, intention on an ascent,
it’s tremendous, fast-forward to Moves, chilling with Dru,
macking will always happen, rapping about the packing
my rack up into my pack in the back of my Jeep and lapping
whipping up in your district - with Griffin, I’m getting biscuits,
niggas steady be dissing it, let them know I ain’t listening…
let’s get this out the way: I don’t like heights,
still lead, but my hardest send’s only V5 -
pretty weak, all things considered,
when it came to anything, I was runt of the litter, recipe needed bitters
girls all degraded me - said I got nothing to give her,
there was always someone richer, better, stronger or bigger,
I’m a natural giver, send myself down the river
before I let down my homies, let myself down in a fissure
while sipping liquor, delivered straight to the liver
I don’t need no chases, nothing else could replace this, feeling
like the most hated by the most basic,
cause I’m not slavish, man - y’all so racist,
let me have my chicken plate with soda that’s grape, my
bass jumping like I’m out here kicking with Steph Davis
and I put the volume up like I’m setting for the cup,
cause I’m rolling with my crew, and we do not give a fuck

I’ll show up to your battle with Gearing, Dru and Shadow,
me, Adam, Pliley, and both brothers Vidaurri,
play the game like Atari; if I mean, I’m sorry -
this my third week living off tuna and black coffee,
in a quilted jacket - looking like the video for “Thriller,”
bumping everything from Logic to The Killers (appropriates Logic’s line)
the Mack got me on Bryson Tiller, I’m chilling with
a girl in the mood - Glen Miller - good morning, Mac Miller…
all is good - yeah, all is well,
I got them seven digits, Tommy Caldwell,
found out that she’s engaged, then I said, “oh, well,”
all climber girls are taken, as far as I can tell,
but the game is for the taking, open to my advance,
and there ain’t no mistaking, who’s got the highest chance,
temperature’s very cold, rock is the driest - yes,
she wants that buried gold, I got the Midas hands,

prepare for my defense, yeah - I’ma testify,
to adventures and loose endings I’ma rectify,
people fall to their knees, fans starting to scream,
members calling the manager - parents call the police,
your bitching ain’t gonna cease, cause y’all niggas is weak!
Projecting shit for years that I sent in a couple weeks,
so make lines to see all the great times and feats,
and taste thine defeat as I tape, climb and repeat!

(Tape, climb, repeat…) (x8)